Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our trip to KC...

Thanks to Aunt Jennie who sent these pictures from our trip to Kansas City back in February. We went to a Wizard of Oz exhibit, and Jack and cousin Ava had so much fun running around exploring "Oz"!

Here is Jack ("Baby Jack" as Ava will most likely always call him) exploring the wizard's hot air balloon. He didn't want to come out! And when other kids wanted their turn, Jack would share his balloon with them...
Here are Jack and Ava exploring some more! Ava certainly looks happy to be here...but Jack is keeping an eye on his hot air balloon - making sure no one takes off with it!
Jack is riding on Ava's old Elmo rocker...what a smile!

And finally, here is "Chef Jaque" giving his best Will Ferrell look!

As you can see, we enjoyed our visit! Jack can't wait to get back to "Oz" to make sure his hot air balloon is waiting for him!

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