Friday, March 20, 2009

Moving weekend!

It's here! Finally...we are moving. (Please note that I did not say we are "ready" to move, but we are moving, none-the-less.)
Thanks to Mark (and Joanie) who came in last weekend to work tirelessly, and John who has gone above and beyond the job description of "realtor" to carry over into "wood-worker" and "handyman"! They cut a hole in the wall for a breakfast bar, extended our closets (my fav. part!) and installed new doors, and re-vamped the bathroom.
Thanks, also, to my Mom, Dad, Herb, and Carey who have all put in more than their share of time to get everything looking amazing! Herb (the carpenter) installed an awesome chairail in Jack's room, Mom scrubbed the house spotless, and Dad has been doing any and every odd job we can think of! We're so lucky to have such a wonderful family to help us out! (love you)
So back to the move...all this week we've been cleaning/prepping the house so we'd be ready to go on Saturday. And I hadn't realized how much packing we (I) had to do, but we have most everything in boxes and ready to go! It won't be a relaxing weekend (by any means), but hopefully our excitement (and Red Bull) will give us the energy to get it all done!
I'll post more next week...hopefully I can get some updated pictures for you!
Random: Since I think it's always more fun to have pictures with a post, I'll post one of my favorite pictures of ALL TIME! Here's a picture of Jim and the groomsmen from our wedding. The photog said something along the lines of, "Look serious." Fair enough. However, Jim's friend Ryan took the idea in a whole new direction with his pose...see the second photo for a closeup.

Maybe this will get "lost in translation," but I just think it's hilarious!

Ryan...striking a pose! (Excuse the poor picture quality!)

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Kim said...

Congrats - it looks awesome! I love the hard wood floors, they're so shiny!! :D