Friday, May 13, 2011

liley & her blankie

The blanket that Nani has been working on since before Lila was even born is officially complete! It's a million percent adorbs...and even though Lila was fast asleep by the time I was finished "ooh-ing" and "ahh-ing" over it, I eventually passed it off to her and covered her as she peacefully slept.

And she slept better than she had in a midnight rousing to reinsert her paci...and she woke up the happiest little turn causing her brother to wake up in a likewise happy manner...(I bring Lila in with me to wake him up: she sits next to Jack and pats him/pulls his hair awake...most days, he pulls her in close to him until she drools on him enough to sit up.)

All the happiness was simply contagious, so Jim and I both went about our happy mornings, destined to have happy days.

Moral of the story: Nani's blanket, made by hand with love, makes us all happy.

Self: need to take "real" pics of the blanket and not just camera snaps. Sor.

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