Saturday, May 7, 2011

things i love about you, mom...

You’re funny…
You can make me smile no matter what.
You show me what it means to be a good mom…
You make me happy.
I love hearing you sing your songs about anything and nothing…even when they get stuck in my head.
You are the one person who can “talk me down” when life overwhelms me.
You always put us before yourself…and never give it a second thought or ask for anything in return.
You taught me what it means to love unconditionally.
You’re spontaneous.
You showed me the importance of following rules.
You let me break the rules sometimes.
You are always proud of me…for the big things, and the little things.
I love making you proud.
You have awesome legs…you do!
You make good food…and no matter how closely I follow your recipe, my meatloaf will never taste like yours.
You are always “on”…I’ll never understand how you do it.
You taught me to love antiquing…I love finding vintage treasures.
You taught me about the value of money, and finding a good deal.
You always have your soda and always know where the closest “soda store” is.
You’re Jack’s best friend…and becoming Lila’s favorite too.
You never missed a game.
You love to watch the Cardinals.
You don’t mind embarrassing us.
You’re never embarrassed by us (right?).
You showed me to always have manners, and to be nice and respectful…because mean people suck.
You always believed in me.
You always stand up for me.
You have a great laugh.
You’re an amazing Nani to Jack and Lila…they light up when they see you and that makes me happy.
You’re pretty.
You’ll do anything for them.
You showed me to always work hard, and to always do my best.
You work harder than anyone I know…and you never complain about it.
You’re a kid at heart.
You’re tough.
You always cheer the loudest.
You don’t need much to be happy.
You’re smart.
You always know just what to say.
You spoil us all: with presents, treats, food…but mostly love.

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