Monday, May 9, 2011

my mother's day

I had a perfectly wonderful Mother’s Day. It was low stress and low maintenance and exactly what I wanted. Nothing lavish or fancy…and I loved every minute. I also dressed the kids in matching outfits because 1: they were adorable, and 2: someday they won't want to dress alike, or even have me dress them at all, and 3: because I felt like it!

I was just plain happy all day long. We made an impromptu visit to the petting zoo. Jack wanted to go to the “real” zoo, but that’s a bit of a production and I would have needed to mentally start preparing for the trip from the time my eyes opened (I have a problem).

While the rest of the family napped, I enjoyed 1 hour (in 15 minute increments in which I poked my head inside to ensure Liley was still napping) lounging in the sun with Pandora (Damien Rice Radio) and getting an awkward necklace tan line…it was great.
I’m thankful that I’m a mother. It’s tiring and stressful and hard…but, as I’d say during a job interview, “I thrive in challenging situations”…and I don’t know if I’d say I’m thriving so much, as surviving each day in a jungle of laundry and dishes and macaroni and peas, but I love this mom-thing. Love. It.

PS: I only got 2 pictures taken of myself and the kids, and I'm kicking myself. But I'm also mentally kicking Jim for not telling me that my hair was a huge, hot mess. Honestly, I won't take offense if you tell me to spend an extra minute in front of the mirror. Well, I might take offense but I'll thank you when I review the pictures.

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Kim said...

Happy Mother's Day! You're such a great mom ~ Jack and Lila are lucky to have you! Love reading your posts, they always make me smile. :)