Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We have bad luck…with things. Our trees cracking, breaking, falling…our cars popping tires on the highway, and later requiring a new computer chip costing roughly a mortgage payment…pipes backing up (gross!), electricity surging, outlets busting, doors jamming, windows leaking…it’s one thing after another with the house, the cars, the things… It feels like we’re always bracing ourselves for “what’s gonna happen next”...

But then, I see my little girl light up when I walk in the door, and jump up and down in her excer-saucer until I hold her…and my best guy squeezes my face so tight when he plants a hard kiss on me…and I have no idea how I go to be so lucky.
Seriously, I’m the luckiest. I get to witness these children be spectacular every single day. I get to call them my children. I get to be their mom for the rest of eternity. I’m overcome with humbleness and love.

Whatever mess can be made of my things, my stuff…bring it on. Because someone thought me worthy enough to have these children, and I am eternally grateful. I will forever ask, "How did I get to be so lucky?"....but then, maybe not...maybe this one time, I will try to just go with the flow and not over analyze the hell out of it...I have much better things to be doing with my time...like be lucky.

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