Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Firetruck Rally!

This weekend we went down to the Landing to watch the Annual Firetruck Rally! Let me tell you: Jack was in firetruck heaven...oh lawdy!

We watched the firetruck parade and Jack waved to all the Firemen and women as they passed and blared the sirens! (I thought he would be scared because it was so loud, but he made the firetruck noises right along with them!)

He couldn't even be bothered to look at Daddy for a picture...too much to see!

And the balloon! Oh, the balloon! That was the icing on the cake!

Oh, and Daddy was just as into the firetrucks as Jack was! I even think he was a little disappointed when Jack didn't want to go in the firetruck (because then he didn't have an excuse to go!)

Boys and their trucks...I'll never understand!

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