Monday, September 21, 2009

One candle...

Our first Anniversary celebration was so much fun.

We celebrated Saturday night and had an amazing dinner at Herbie’s Vintage 72! The evening started off with a bottle of champagne compliments of Carey and Jason! (Thanks sis and bro!)

And after oysters (ew!), filet, veal, spatzle, chocolate fritters, and a candle in a wine glass, we were gifted with our second present of the evening: our dinner had been “taken care of”! Thanks, Poppy! (Wow, a babysitter who pays for your dinner? It was a wonderful surprise that brought such a smile to my face.)

September 20, 2008:

September 20, 2009:

We didn’t dance like we did on that night a year ago, as we sang Paradise by the Dashboard Light

but times like that are hard to duplicate! :)
Our actually anniversary day was spent exploring the Museum or Transportation…and it was fun to watch Jack have so much fun! Wait until you see those pics!
Then Mom and Herb made an awesome dinner and we finished the evening with a piece of our wedding cake...I wonder if it will still be good in 50 years?!
smile and love...

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