Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I wanna be a cowboy baby!

It was Greffet Family bonding at the rodeo this weekend! We took a horseback ride on the trails of KCMO...

Jack's face says it all! He was terrified of the horse...

Here’s Jack and Grandma…neither were too keen on the idea of horseback riding…but Jack did manage to make that helmet look good!

Here's Ava and Jennie. Don't let this picture decieve you...after the horse started moving, Ava's smile quickly disappeared...

...and turned to this:

But Jim definetly enjoyed the ride.

Aunt Jennie bought Jack his first pair of cowboy boots...he loved them!
And he loved checking out the sights!

Here's the whole fam at the rodeo...we scream "City Slickers"!
And here we are hittin' the dusty trail...
More cowboy and rodeo pictures to come! And it was just our luck that the IGRA (International Gay Rodeo Association) was hosting a rodeo this weekend! Jack and Ava had so much fun checking out the horses, tractors, and dirt: oh the dirt! (Stay tuned, plenty more pictures from the rodeo to come.)

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