Thursday, May 21, 2009

tbd wins!

Last night was our weekly Wednesday softball game...and we pulled out our first win of the season!
Team Name: TBD (only because none of us were creative enough to come up with a catchy name...)
Record: 1-2
MVP of the Week: Jason, with a HR, triple, and mad pitching skills!

Jim in his attempt to look tough to intimidate the other team! (You'd be intimidated, right?)

...then he looses it when he stretches like a ballerina! (I still think you're tough, babe!)

Me and Care pre game-sweat and messy hair! (Okay I still have messy hair...but that's my thing: like Carey was born with blue eyes, I was born with messy hair!)
Carey and a cute puppy! Awww, doesn't she look nice and sweet?! But...

She's all business on the field: RAWR! (Jimbo, this is how you show intimidation properly!)

And here's Carey's packing up after the big win (check out the dirt on her butt...from falling into the fence while chasing after a foul ball...way to hustle!)

Good game TBD!


Angela said...

That's fun that you guys are playing softball! Congrats on your first win!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I am totally going to look for my prom pics! Great idea, God only knows where they are...

Oh, and though I love you, it's def hamm-uck!!! Ha!