Tuesday, May 26, 2009

back to the routine...but first...

I just have to post about the wonderful weekend we had in KC! We had beautiful weather, so Jack and his cousin, Ava, got plenty of outside play time and we had a nice relaxing weekend with family and friends!

But the highlight of my weekend, (besides the minor obsession I developed with Twilight...oh no!), was watching Jack and Ava. They had so much fun together!

Here's Jack-Jack in the pool…

And then Ava went "fishing for a Jackfish"...and what a happy fish he is!
And then they played!
And then, Aunt Jennie brought out the most fun summer-time toy ever! It’s called the Little Tikes Ultimate Beach Ball™ Sprinkler! Oh how Jack loved it...
...water in his eyes and all!
And then after all the sun, Jack needed to cool off with his first Popsicle!
Here's Aunt Jennie, Ava, and the boys!
And just look at these cousins!

Much more to come this week...including Jack's new hair style: the Jack-hawk!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

That Jack-hawk rocks! Should have known you'd come up with great boy hair, too :)