Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just Jack!

So, if you read the previous posts, you are aware of the fact that I am admittedly obsessed with my sister! BUT, an even bigger, more consuming obsession is my Jack-Jack!

Here's a few pics from him the weekend of Carey's wedding. This first one is my FAV!!!! Mid-dance with that smile!

Jack and his "lady-friends"!
But he had the most fun with Mommy! Look at that little face!

I cannot interpret this...but I love it!

Dancing with Aunt Carey Ricks...

I know what you're thinking, "Is Jack reaching for Uncle Jason...or that champagne?!"

Jack giving Daddy his cute little-big boy face..."C'mon Dad, no more water lets get back on the dance floor!"

My man!

Oh tuxedo!


Jennifer Juniper said...

Hey, Jen! That wedding looks like fun! I love the pic of you and Jack dancing the most :) I've been trying to contact you with some questions about your order, but I wonder if I'm being routed to junk mail. Drop me a line if you can't find my email (jsneill@zoominternet.net)


Misty Rice said...

Those pics are adorable and priceless. Found you from MckMama's blog. Praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Found you through MckMama's blog. Love your site. I am praying for Kayleigh too. Her story is heartwrenching. I pray for the Freeman's every single day, as well as Abby (Riggs family blog) and baby April (www.littleoneapril.blogspot.com)
Isn't the way the blog works to bring people together something else? God is good. A praying community a blessing!