Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dancing with the Greffet's (DWTG)

So at the reception, Carey decided we should play a game: Dancing with the Stars...but we were the stars!

Ricks' V Greffet's in the ultimate dance-off! (So pumped!) Note: We will make a game out of ANYTHING! We are childish and competitive and I-LOVE- IT!

However, the competition fell short when Jason (BIL), saw me and Jim kickin'-it and knew he couldn't compete, so sadly, he disqualified himself! (Boo!) Here's a few shots from the partay!

Me and Care (we are pinching eachother in this pic!):

Jim and Jason (I can't say for sure if there was pinching going on in this picture!)!

Me, Mommer, and Care


Our DWTG competition (or lack there of!)

And even though Carey was holding her own flying solo, I shared Jim with her for a few rounds on the dance floor:

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