Friday, March 18, 2011

Nani's Girl!

Lila loves her Nani. My Mom was away for a week and by the time she came back, Lila was sitting up by herself, clapping, waving, and reaching for her best Nani to hold her...hello development!

Lila, you're amazing! are too!

It hadn't occurred to me, until last night when my Mom said, “She needs a bow in her hair!” that Lila’s hair was indeed long enough to satisfy a bow.

When did my baby girl get so big? I have a mindset that she’s still my little baby: with fuzzy, barely-there hair that can’t sustain a bow. But in reality, she’s my almost 8 month old baby girl, who astounds me everyday with all she knows and does.

When did she get to be so big? Where has the time gone? Why is the fast forward button stuck on...slow down life! Soon, she’ll be asking me to braid her hair. In which case, I can either give her a wonky-looking braid, or send her to Nani’s…cause Nani can do it all!

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