Wednesday, March 16, 2011

library house.

I have a thing for vintage books*. Like, a bad thing. Luckily, I also have a cheap thing, so my moderate obsession isn’t breaking the bank. However, soon, I will be like the old woman who lived in a shoe…except I will be the woman who forced her family to live in a house made of vintage books…which will probably fall down when it’s raining because they’re old…and they’re books!
A few weekends ago I took Jack to a bookfair. He sat perfectly enthralled in his book picks while I browsed…he makes me so proud: a little reader! Since it was almost closing time, I got all of my books for $0.10 each! 15 books for $1.50. That little victory made me all giddy inside for a good 3 days! I get a cheap thrill!

My most rEcent purchase was a small lot of vintage Readers Digest Condensed books from etsy…they are adorable. I’m especially excited about the 1961 version which includes To Kill a Mockingbird!!! I’ve never read the “condensed versions” so I hope they're not too condensed!

Speaking of books, someday, I hope to have a pretty bookshelf with color coordinated books, like these:

*Truth be told, I have a "thing" for all books: vintage...children's...whatever! Jack's room is slowly becoming a library (a big toybox full, a bookshelf full, and three storage baskets full...and I've already moved the "baby" books that Jack has outgrown to Lila's room). I just cannot help myself when it comes to's my thing.

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