Monday, March 15, 2010


I swear, we put him down for a nap with a diaper ON!

And yet, somehow, this is what I saw when I checked on him halfway through his nap…hmmm, looks like someone was a little restless (I blame the time change, and maybe a boy thing!)

Luckily, he didn’t have any accidents in his bed, and he woke up a happy boy…which is all I can ask for on a typical Sunday (minus an hour!) Check out my fav. cheesey smile...actually, I can't really tell if he's saying, "CHEESE" or asking for a Cheez-It, but it's cute, none-the-less!

T-minus 28.5 hours until we find out if we go team blue or team pink... :)

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Anonymous said...

Jen, You always make your Aunt Pattie I am not sure if it is a boy thing; or just a little one thing; but I have seen cute little behinds napping like that before on both your cousins...We will be excited to hear if we are team blue or team pink; but either way....GO TEAM GREFFET Love you