Wednesday, March 10, 2010

bed head!

Ohhhh Jack! Just like his Mom with some crazy-looking bed head!

Apparently, he was none-too-thrilled with having his picture taken yesterday…he cried! :-( But, I was told that the photographer thinks “he got a good one” so we’ll see what they come back with!

In case of a miracle, and Jack wants to try for a round 2 of pictures, I packed a polo with him to school today…but I’m not putting any money down on him having a sudden change of heart and loving the photographer…especially when he’s so used to the “house” photographer (ME!) :-)

Notice his half-hearted attempt at a smile this morning! I think it's more of a Really Mom!?!-look than anything! LOL.

Plus, the house photographer lets him watch Cars movie non-stop....literally. He loves Mater, and can practically recite the movie at this point, so you try telling him no ;-). And as you can see, Mister cannot be bothered to take his eyes off his favorite movie EVER!

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