Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Potty Training (kind of)...

Today I woke up with full-on Potty-Training Gusto! Most likely because Jack woke up and his first words we’re “M-M’s? Pee-pee potty?” And sure enough, despite the bright bathroom and sleepy morning eyes, Jack went in the potty! (And was thus rewarded with M&M’s at 6 in the morning!)

It’s one of the few times he’s initiated the act himself, so I was very excited. And to continue to encourage his progress, I’ve made a nice little “Potty Chart” to track his development as we go:
Now I’ve done pretty much zero research on this whole potty training business, and I’m not trying to put the pressure on Jack, I just want to start getting him into habit. (And hopefully, have him (mostly) out of diapers by the time #2 arrives!) I figure, we’ll ease into the process slowly, and when we run into bumps along the road, we can move into the R&D phase! ;-)

So here’s the deal, every time he goes in the potty, he can put a sticker on his chart. When he fills up an entire row, he gets a little present TBD. Of course there will be cheers and hugs and M&M’s along the way, and I’m sure plenty of accidents…but bring.it.on! Trial and error, here we come!

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