Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Great Name Debate

We’ve had a whole week for it to sink in: we’re having a baby girl! And the excitement keeps rolling in. She’s even received her first gifts: pink baby ballet flats, hair bows, and some outfits I’m just drooling over! (Hello Cardinals dress and bloomers!) Thanks Mom and Care. You’re THE best!

And now on to the Great Name Debate:

I’ve looked through tons of websites and lists (Jim prefers to scroll through the Social Security Database, because that’s a boy thing, I guess), and we’re stuck.

There’s some question as to whether we should stick with another “J” name, since we’re Jim, Jen, & Jack…but I think that’s too kitschy for my taste. Jack wasn’t named with a “J” because we were: it’s a name we love and has meaning to us. On that note, we will not be pursuing the “Jack & Jill” option, although it's tempting. ;-)

Soooo, here’s what we’re throwing into the mix for now:


This changes everyday, in fact, multiple times a day, so chances are the name-themed post will prop up again and be completely different...I just felt the need to get the cantaloupe ball rolling!

PS: She's a cantaloupe this week, AND we're more than halfway to the finish line!


Angela said...

LOVE Charley! I like Maggie and Mallory too. Actually, I don't dislike any of those names. How about middle names?

Jen said...

The middle name would really depend on her first name: we have to make sure it has a nice ring to it! But I think Grace goes well with most names, but that's Jim's #1 first name, so we'll see!

Anonymous said...

I love the name Charley as well. It's pretty much the only girl name that Chris and I have agreed on so far. Oh sheesh....what if we both have girls weeks a part and we both name them Charley?

Is that creepy? It feels kind of creepy :)

Anonymous said...

What!!! no Pattie; Patrice; Trisha...