Friday, October 9, 2009

Ohhhh Chicago!

Jim and I are off to Chi-town this weekend to watch his dad run in the marathon!

Mr. Jack will spend a whole weekend with Nani, Papa, CC, Jason, and Poppy…and as much as I will miss him, I think he’s just going to go ballistic spending so much time with Nani! (No offense to anyone else, but Jack is just head over heels for her!)

On Friday night we’re heading up to Bolingbrook to check out the sites and visit with the locals GO TO IKEA! (Doing a happy dance!) I know, right!??! E-x-c-i-t-i-n-g! I already have lists planned out and ideas in my head, so I probably won’t even be able to sleep Friday night with so much excitement.

And then it will be off to the city I hate to love…hopefully finding a bar to relax and watch the Cards game! My funny, funny, SIL, Jennie has some hilarious idea that we will be biking along with the marathon…and seeing as I haven’t ridden a bike in +10 years, I should be back with some good stories to share and hopefully some fun pictures.



Angela said...

Have so much fun in Chicago!

Bella said...

soooooo jealous!!!