Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My pumpkins...

I love my Pumpkins...Jack and the orange ones!

I used the idea from Living with Lindsay to recreate the Pottery Barn-style pumpkins. I'm obsessed! I love my little Spider pumpkin (even though he isn't anatomically correct because he only has 6 legs!) Check out her tutorial and make your own pumpkins!

And the other option I made was the Pirate pumpkin...Arrrrrrgh!

But this will always be my favorite Pumpkin:

And these two make quite a pair...l-o-v-e!
Happy Halloween!

1 comment:

Living With Lindsay said...

They look so good!! Love them!

I only gave my spider 6 legs, too. I was too lazy to cut out the extra two legs. Ha! ;)