Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's my Birthday :)

Yeah! Although, I'm officially on the "downward slope" of my 20s...but I'm having an amazing day...and it just reminds me how lucky I am!

My morning started off with over-sleeping (ugh)! But it was all uphill from there...with flowers from my boys and the best card from Jack (Jim):

It's true! And then I got a surprise card from my Pops on my car...he even stuck it in a zippie bag to avoid the condensation! Thanks, Dad!!! (love, Bones)

And then I came to work and got a big surprise with a festive-decorated desk and lots of delicious snacks!
And this sign that cracks me UP! (PS: I'm NOT 30!!!)
And another one that makes me laugh again...apparently, I'm a mini-cougar! (Don't ask!)
And THEN, I opened my inbox to find that Carey sent me some hilarious ecards that rocked my morning and made my face hurt from smiling...

Thanks, Care!

And I did get the musical birthday wishes from my Mommer :), who is the bomb and gave me my birthday present early...and it's been the best gift ever! Yes, it has contributed to my apparent incessant-picture-taking, but it's an obsession I l-o-v-e!
So now,

I'm off to be old, chow down, and party like a rock star (kinda)...if I'm lucky, Jack will sing "Happy Birthday" to me, like he did for Papa (check out the video at the bottom)!

Thanks to my family and friends...I love you to pieces and I'm so, so, SO lucky to have you in my're the best :)


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Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a fabulous day!