Sunday, January 29, 2012

things papa learned about Jack

Herb sent me a very sweet note about the things he and Nani learned about Jack from their adventure at the City Museum...I agree:
  1. He’s got drive-----[redacted to protect xxxx from future embarassment :)]--- I like drive-------you can learn most anything------except drive. 
  2. He’s a leader------when he and Mom got lost in the labyrinth Jack said, “It will be OK Nani, just follow me.”
  3.  He’s compassionate-----see the note above.
  4.  He’s adventuresome-----he was always searching for “new ways” to crawl around.
  5.  He’s determined-----he wanted to climb a wall and he worked until he did it-------------I have a video to prove it.
  6. He knows how to have fun
  7. He’s athletic-------he was SO GOOD at climbing.
  8.  He’s artistic-------he painted and made interesting things from clay.
I can't say that any of these qualities and traits are something we didn't know...but it's nice to hear great things about him from people other than us: his parents (even though his grandparents might be just as biased as we are!).

Either way, I hope Jack always keeps these traits about him...esp 1-3...I think those will one day help Jack become a really good man...(the others would just be little bonuses)

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