Friday, January 27, 2012

Jack is good.

Yesterday Nani and Papa played hooky, sprang Jack from daycare, and took him to the City Museum…something we probably should have done a long time ago.

He/they had THE.BEST.TIME…so much so, that someone in the group sharted. Not saying who in an effort to protect someone’s feelings. You’re welcome, xxxx.

They ran themselves ragged for 4+ hours, taking turns running around with Jack and having “resting” breaks. Jack didn’t need any resting breaks: those are for grown-ups!

They came home smelling of sweat, with a bruise here and there, and loads of craft projects, and videos of all the exciting adventures they had.

Jack is lucky to have those special days with Nani and Papa. How fun to be rescued from preschool to play all day with his two favorite people?! Who wouldn’t love that opportunity? It makes me very proud to have such amazing parents who adore my children. Also, it makes me jealous that fun stuff like that never happens to me. Can someone please rescue me from the everyday work doldrums?!
Jim and I had Jack’s parent/teacher conference yesterday. And, while it was no “shart-inducing” experience, it was a great one. His teacher couldn’t say enough good things about him: how he’s so happy and pleasant, such a good listener and rule follower, so sweet and eager, smart and athletic. I smiled for two reasons: because I was so damn proud, and also I was pretty sure she was confusing us with parents of another child.

People keep telling us that “We’re doing such a good job” and “How wonderful Jack and Lila are” and I think I’ve unknowingly fooled everyone into thinking we have our shit together. We don’t, and Jack disobeys us and stomps and throws massive fits and wakes his sister up. He’s testing us and some days I think he’s winning the battle…that I’m being outsmarted by a 4 year old. I go to bed thinking “Where did I go wrong?”. But then he cuddles up to me to tell me his bad dreams and somehow just by being there, I make them go away, and I realize he is so sweet underneath his rough, star wars obsessed fa├žade.

And in the end…it will get easier. At least that’s what people tell me…even though they are the same people who tell me that we’re doing something right with Jack, so I think they might be really good liars.

This weekend I have big plans to stay in my pjs and organize/clean. And maybe even watch a movie…but more likely than not, I will spend the days cleaning, and the nights wondering why Jack thinks its funny when I tell him “No.” and why he is so skilled at tuning out my voice...I'll likely fall asleep before SNL even starts. And I will consider it all a success if no one sharts…starting now. 

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Laura said...

Love this. So true :) When people tell me I'm being a good mommy I assume they are just being condescending.