Thursday, January 12, 2012

a few things about this little girl...

Last night, when Lila decided she didn't want to sit/snuggle to relax before bed, I said, "Fine Lila: go in timeout," and she proceeded to walk over to Jack's usual t.o. spot and sit happily, like the privilege of a time out had finally been bestowed on her! She's too smart for her own good...or as CC/my mom pointed out, maybe Jack goes in timeout way to often...?? 

She loves her cousin Will to pieces. "Wheel!" she exclaims when she sees his picture. She wants to hug him, and squeeze him, and name him George. As you can see from the pic below, he's a little unsure about her right's only a matter of time before she's dressing him and convincing him to join her in ring-around-the-rosy!

And for some reason, I'm five hundred percent obsessed with Lila's hair in the picture below: so straight and perfectly windswept (even though there was no wind, because she's in the bath and all)...I want to marry her hair to pieces!

Also, she's got most of this family wrapped around her finger. Jim cannot say no to her...literally: he let her take a bath with a piece of pizza in her hand because she didn't want to give it up and he didn't want to say no to her! I was like, "Seriously, Jim?" and he shrugged as if to say, "I'm powerless to her forces." So Lila played with the pizza turned sponge in the tub until everyone was grossed out enough to call the bath over. (And when I went to shower later, I definitely found some tomato in the tub...)

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Jennifer Juniper said...

You're obsessed with her straight hair because you have all those glorious curls! She's a doll :)