Thursday, June 2, 2011

she's having my baby...

...nephew! It's a BOY! My sister and BIL just had their 20-week u/s and found out they will be having a little boy in October! *beaming*

I'm beyond excited and will be the bestest Aunt Jen in the whole wide world. And the bestest shower-thrower ever (btw, Pinterest is my weapon of choice!).

When Carey and Jason gave us the big news that they were pregnant, I about tackled my sister with excitement...only to quickly freeze and apologize incessantly for practically attacking a pregnant lady! Who does that?!

Jack will be excited to have a boy to teach boy-stuff to...and Lila will be excited to have someone in the family smaller than her...we will all be blessed to have baby "Insert Boy Name" Ricks to join our happy family.

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