Friday, June 17, 2011

father's day 2011...

Jim gets up before anyone else and has breakfast waiting for the kids by the time they get up. He doesn’t ask for much or do things for himself often…after golf, when I text him to stay out and relax with the guys, he never does. He always rushes home so he can tell Jack a story before bed. He's strong and funny and wise and smart...he puts up with my 'crazy-Mommy-demands' and antics...

He wrestles with Jack, and teaches him about superheroes and sports and life (as much as he can for a 3 ½ year old, at least)…he’s the best hider in hide-n-seek and a good finder in seek-n-find…he’s a cozy nap partner and the highest swing-pusher…he’s a good man, teaching my little guy to be the same.

He tickles Lila to make her laugh in a way that no one else can…and in fact, he doesn’t even have to tickle her: he gives her 'a look' and she’s a giggling fool. It doesn’t work with anyone else, and just like that, she’s a Daddy’s girl. A Daddy's girl who is easy-going like he is, with features like his...she twirls her hair like he does, and is just as loving as he is. He tries really hard to coordinate her outfits, and just the extra effort is enough.

Jack made Daddy the BEST Father's Day present: A Daddy Fact Sheet. Jack's so hilarious and observant...

Best Q&As:

My Daddy's name is: just Daddy

My Daddy is: 2 years old (personality wise, Jack was right on here)

My Daddy is: 'so big' feet tall

Daddy's favorite thing to do: wrestle with me

Me and my Daddy love to: go outside and water the plants (because chores are fun in our house!)

Happy Father's Day, to all the Dad's in my life (Jim, Dad, Herb, Mark).

You're the best and I'm the luckiest and Jack & Lila are the happiest...because of you...

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