Wednesday, June 8, 2011

good brother...

Last night Jack picked up Lila to move her. She cried because he squeezed her too hard. He cried because he hurt her, "I jus' want to carry Liley!”

This reminded Jim of a 2 week old story he never got around to telling me. While my mom, sister, and I were treasure hunting, Lila was sleeping in her crib, Jim and Jack were watching a movie. Jim dozed off, and Lila woke up. So Jack, being the big brother, went in and picked Lila out of her crib (by standing on a stool) and carried her in the hallway.

Jim said he woke up to Lila and Jack just sitting in the hallway together. WTH!?!? Oh the things that could have happened? The could haves…the what ifs…

I told Jack to never pick her out of her crib by himself, and it was nice of him to try to help, but he's not big enough to carry Lila just yet.

This little guy's so sweet…always wanting to hold her, crying when he’s hurt her, taking care of her…he’s what good brothers are made of.

(PS: DON’T PICK YOUR BABY SISTER OUT OF HER CRIB BY YOURSELF, JACKMAN! You're gonna give me a heart attack!)

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