Thursday, April 7, 2011

smile for the camera...

Note for my memory book, since #1 I’m terrible at remembering things and #2 I don’t actually HAVE a memory book: the teeth actually appeared on March 19. Just before her 8 month birthday. Her two bottom teeth are through…and she didn’t complain too much about it. She’s seriously so complacent…she gets that from her father FOR SURE. She’s so easy going and happy…in daycare, when the other babies are crying for attention and fussing, Lila just sits by happily and plays with her toys (so I’m told). Go with the flow, Baby girl... I also received the complement, "She just looks so clean!"...which was totally hilarious because it had been 4 days since her last bath! With our busy schedules, we're always rushing around to get our daily "To Do's", if we skip a bath now and then in exchange for some extra play/cuddle time...I'm good with that.

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