Tuesday, April 19, 2011


“She’s cognitive” –Jim

Lila is a thinker…and observer…she’s content to sit outside on a nice day and examine the world…she follows passing cars with her eyes…she laughs in delight as her brother dances and plays with her…she is happy to just take it all in…she’s very much like Jim (low maintenance) and she even has his toes (thankfully)!

Her first word was Dada (same as Jack). I would have conversations with her,
Me: Mama
Lila: Dada
M: Mama
L: Dada
M: Mama
L: Dada

But she finally got it! She says Mama! Now we’re working on “Bro-ther” or “Ba-ba” (maybe?) or “Jack”…they’re all kind of hard words for a baby to say, so I wonder what she will call him…but one thing's for sure: she knows him. She knows her big brother, whether she can call his name or not, her face says it all.

Lila raises her hands above her head (sometimes) when we ask her, “How big is Lila? Soooo big!” Yes you are baby girl…so big!

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