Monday, April 18, 2011

sticky children...

Last weekend it was warm, and I didn’t want to do anything but sit outside and laze in the sun with the kids. The ice cream man made his inaugural visit of the year and Jack bought a Captain America popsicle because he thought it would give him super powers...or something. If it’s Superhero-related or pink…he wants it. Lila was interested in Daddy's popsicle... ...but didn't really love it... We all got sticky and sweaty and tired-out in the sun. I loved cleaning off sticky kids. There’s something about Jack looking all red-faced with his hair matted to his head, and cherry popsicle on his arms and head…it makes me anxious for endless days in the sun. PS: This weekend a chill came back to town and Jack was forced to wear his winter coat on Saturday, but then shorts and a t-shirt on Sunday…I’m ready for Mother Nature to decide that it can go ahead and be Spring for good…cause I’m over the cold!

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