Friday, September 3, 2010

1 month checkup

Little Miss had her 1 month checkup and weighs 9 pounds, 12 ounces, and is 21 inches long. She's in the 70th percentile for height and 75th for weight...good growing Lila Grace!

It also turns out that she has colic...WHA?! I never really knew what colic was (I thought it was crying all day long), so when Lila had her fussy time of day (always the same time, between 8 and 11 pm), I just figured it was normal baby crying. But turns out that the predictable crying episodes and inconsolable crying are both tell tale signs. Poor little thing.

It should improve by 3 months (fingers crossed), but there's nothing worse than not being able to calm your baby, despite your best efforts. And trying to calm her while Jack's sleeping is just an added stress, but luckily, he manages to sleep through the majority of her cries.

The diagnosis took me by surprise because she's such a perfect baby during the day, but has these few unhappy hours...but coping with a crying baby for 3 hours a day not so bad when I get to love that little girl for always!

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