Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tutu Kachoo

I'm "Tutu-ing" it up this week, because...why not?! I put Jack through the trouble of being my mannequin...what can I say, I needed a size estimate and to know that this does look cute on an actual person and the effort was not all in vain...
This is for my niece Ava's b-day and I'm super pumped about it! I kinda want to make one in my size for Halloween, or Saturday night, or something! But alas, I'll stick to kids sizes for now! Look out Lila, you'll probably be wearing a lot of homemade tutu's!!
And I know Jack looks like a ballerina here (I posed him) and will someday kill me for #1 making him do this, #2 taking this picture, and #3 showing it to the world, but if that's the worst I do this week, than that's okay by me...
Off to make more tutus, and take Lila to the Dr!

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