Friday, August 13, 2010

The Kids!

I think Jack is happy to have some of the camera attention off of him for a while, but I do manage to get a few (VAST UNDERSTATEMENT) of "the kids" from time to time...mostly, I make Jack pose/kiss Lila a lot!

Jack's favorite activity lately is using Lila as a ramp for his cars! He even shares some of his cars with her...just not "Present Lightning McQueen"! He never lets that car out of his sight!
And FYI: Jack's the bodyguard for his new baby sister! (Love this shirt from Grandma, Jennie, Ava, and Joanie). Check out those muscles!

And although it's not a "real smile"'s a glimpse of our happy girl~! She's so content (most of the time!)

With a BIG kinda smile...(forgive the poor pic quality and angle...)

Tonight, CC and Jason will have their hands full watching both Jack and Lila as we head to the Cards game! We'll be right behind home plate, but I'll be thinking about Carey most of the night! I'm talking to Lila now about being extra good for her Aunt; I'll report on how the night went!!

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Carey said...

Happy Two-Week Birthday Lila!!!