Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekend of successes!

It was a busy weekend, and by 5:00 on Sunday, we were all ready to call it done!

Jack and I took his first “swim lesson”! I was very worried because last summer he was very nervous around the water…but the only one nervous was ME because he now has no fear of the water…(more details to come)

Jim and Herb finished setting up Jack’s swingset! It took a little more work than anticipated, seeing as they had to level ground, replace some wood, screws, and rope...but it was a success and Jack is more than happy!

We also managed to pull off a surprise party for my Dad (Poppy) to celebrate his retirement. He was surprised, in one way or another, and a good time was had by all.

NOW, we’re just looking forward to next weekend when we have NO PLANS! Our "No plans-Plan" will most likely change as the week goes on to "Another busy, plan-filled weekend", but for now, we're enjoying the calm.

PS: is it just me or does "plan" look like a wierd word?!? Kinda of like tartlet!

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Carey said...

Tartlet --- Word's lost all meaning!!