Monday, April 12, 2010

our weekend...

It was a b-u-s-y weekend! Our first goal was to cover the bare spots in our yard with topsoil and seed to hopefully grow grass. We had a total of 6 tons of topsoil delivered. Lots of scooping, wheel-barrowing, tilling, evening, spreading, seeding, watering...good thing we had fuel:

Luckily, we had 3 tough guys to get the job done.

Phase 2 of the weekend goal was to pick up a swing set I scored on Craigslist! After stalking Craigslist for months, I finally put a “Wanted” ad and totally scored within a couple hours!

Jim and Herb had a…well I won’t say “fun” time, but they had an experience dismantling, moving, loading, and unloading this bad boy. Thanks for giving up your Saturday... Here's what it looks like put together...I can't promise it will look the same once reassembled ;-)
Jack was SOOOOO excited as each piece was unloaded. He could hardly stand it. This week, Poppy is going to power wash and stain it to look like new, and hopefully we can reassemble it soon, because it’s bordering on just plain mean to make Jack stare at his play set in pieces all.week.long.

In baby news, our little girl is the size of a papaya this week (actually all month long). I only have 4 fruits left...which makes me kinda sad because I loved to see my "fruit" change by the we're changing by the month.

She's an active little one, and Jack enjoys giving my tummy a kiss and saying hi to his baby sister...
And we also watched Up! this weekend...def my new favorite movie. Def! (Not taking into account that I've pretty much only watched Cars movie for going on 2 months was a really good movie!)

For now, here's men at work:

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