Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First Swim Lessons

My little Nemo was so fearless in the water during our first swim lesson. I thought we’d be resolved to sitting by the side of the pool and splashing our feet in the water for 4 weeks until he was comfortable enough to venture in…but he was off before I could flip off my flops!

I guess our swimming sessions in the bathtub have paid off…I’ve created a fish!

He had so much fun blowing bubbles in the water, kicking his feet, retrieving floaties, going down the water slide by himself!

I’m happy he’s finally comfortable with the water so he will be ready for our trip to Orlando in May! Now the trick will just be getting him comfortable with airplanes…I don’t think they have a “practice class” for that.
Since this will be our first "flying" travel experience with Jack, I’ve gone in OCD mode researching what I need, tips and tricks…unfortunately, I can’t have a margarita to calm me, so I’ll just resort to making lists and checking them incessantly!

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K13 said...

Good luck with the flight. My little guy was 22 months at the time of his first flight and did "fairly" well...the iPod Touch w/Mickey Mouse and Handy Manny videos helped somewhat.

Hope it's a smooth flight for you both!