Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Orange-Ya Glad!

We’re full-fledged into the second trimester, and feeling good. #2 is the size of an orange…and not even one of those Clementine’s I’ve been scarfing: a nice, big naval orange: 4 inches!

The most exciting part is that in about 4 weeks, we will know what exactly we’re having (as long as #2 cooperates during “picture time”!). I can’t wait, so I can finally start thinking about the bedroom colors, names, clothes…so excited!

Good thing I have about 173 days to do it (yes, Care, I added a ticker at the side for an exact count). Of course I have my Excel spreadsheet that I’ve over-analyzed my pregnancy with, but this is a little more pleasing to the eye…


janet said...

love the fruit comparisons ;-) Be well!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Ok, I've been away too long. You two are making ANOTHER perfect little person? It's just too much to handle :) Congrats to you mama!