Friday, January 29, 2010

My First Blogiversary!

When Jack was born I started a scrapbook. This venture was a complete FAIL! I just didn’t have the time/creativity/energy to keep it all up. But since I’m much more technologically minded, blogging has been the perfect way to keep a running memory book.

I have so much fun looking back at Jack’s old videos, pictures, memories. He was so little! Life has changed so much and I’m so glad I have this project to go back to and remember “Back when…”. (Like back when it was summer! Oh I miss the sun!)
It’s been an amazing year, complete with my DSLR which I luuuv, our first anniversary, Jack’s 2nd Birthday, and more good times than I can even list. I feel so lucky and thankful.

The upcoming year is bound to be doubly exciting and fun, and I’m giddy (and nervous all over again) just anticipating a new baby!
Here's to another year of blogging, another baby, and many more of Jack's smiles! (If I could drink a margarita, I would raise my glass at this point!) Life is good.

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