Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow day!

Yesterday after work, we took advantage of the first good snow of the season! I was determined to play in the snow and build a snowman. I had my mind set.

Unfortunately, the wind-chill kept our snowy adventure short and snowman-less (it was bitter cold!), but Jack didn’t seem to mind.
He learned to make a snowball...
I even put the boys to work shoveling the driveway. I think one had more fun than the other, apparently 'pretend' shoveling is more fun than 'real' shoveling!

The one, lone picture of Jack and I. I do exist, I'm just normally behind the camera!

As you can see, he thoroughly enjoyed the cold. In fact, it was hard to get him to come inside. We had to lure him with hot (lukewarm) chocolate...and soon his rosy cheeks returned to a nice peachy color again.

Speaking of cheeks, check out the before and after! Poor little guy!
But he did have if only the weather would warm up to like the high 20s we could really enjoy the snow! :)

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