Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Are you there world?

...it's me, Jen!

Well helllooooo! It’s been a whole 20 days since I last updated my blog! Someone has been slacking! (PS: That someone is me!). It’s been so busy the past few weeks, that when I do have a spare minute, I’d rather sit in front of the TV and watch Jersey Shore intellectual public programming, than update the blog, so I apologize!

Like I said, it’s been busy: someone very special turned 2, and oh yeah, Christmas came and went!

So prepare for a picture-heavy post in an attempt to rewind and playback the highlights of the past few weeks!

Here's Jack blowing out the candles on Christmas day.

And here he is showing off the outfit that Poppy bought him for Christmas Eve mass...please disregard the brown shoes with the black pants! Mom's mistake!

He doesn't look quite so happy with Daddy, but he loved dressing up all fancy!

And for Jack's birthday, we had a fire truck party...complete with a (pinkish) fire truck cake! (Seriously, how do you make red icing, because I used a TON of food coloring and it still came out pink!)

Jack and CC loved the cake! Oh and speaking of CC, it's her birthday! Happy birthday to the bestest aunt ever! Jack loves you soooo much, Care! It's just too bad you're so old! ;)

Icing kisses!
And the best, smartest, funniest, loving-est 2 year old I know. I'm beaming proud of the little man Jack is becoming. Everyday he amazes me...my Fireman Jack!


Angela said...

I was wondering what happened to you!! Happy Birthday, Jack! You are such a big boy now. Glad you guys had a good Christmas and birthday.

Anonymous said...

Jen, We have been missing you too! December always will be a crazy month for you and your family! so we understand...but really you can tivo those political programs for later..ha ha Gotta tell ya, the seven layer salad was a hit!!! thanks for the memory!! love and misses - Aunt Pattie

Jennifer Juniper said...

So cute!!! Oh and I am addiced to Jersey Shore, too. Don't you think it's weird that "JWoww" calls "Snookie" such a good friend, yet calls her "Snickers"? Yes, these are the things I'm thinking about while watching this show...

Jennifer Juniper said...

addiced? hmmm, addicted maybe...