Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Saturday...

Our Saturday was full! Full like a bag of wet leaves. An appropriate analogy seeing as the better part of our Saturday consisted of blowing, raking, funneling, stuffing, bagging, dragging, hauling, all of the leaves from our yard.

Here's Jim looking misleadingly happy...actually, scratch that...he probably was happy because it was the last bag!

Luckily, it was an awesome day outside…and I always complain that Jim and I never spend any quality time together…well, we got it. :)

35, count 'em...THIRTY-FIVE bags of leaves!

And I felt it necessary to demonstrate what a dirty job this was. My hands were (and possibly still are) stained orange, along with my shirt, and the look was complete with dirt under the fingernails. (I'm sure Carey will think it's gross that I showed this, but whatever, Care!)

Oh, and our biggest tree, has barely begun to drop leaves, so we will have a bunch more to come. (Check back for the sequel!)

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