Wednesday, June 17, 2009

say, "Cheese!"...

Last night I got the chance to play with my new SLR! I did not have a chance to read through my manual, so these are all taken with the manual setting. Jack was fresh out of the bath tub!

Notice the nice gash on his forehead! Little man fell into the nightstand...I told him, "Chicks dig scars!" (even though I don't think it will scar...I'm sure there will be plenty to come!)

And Jim is already annoyed with my overly-compulsive picture-taking! (He threatened to hide my camera...really, Jim?! After 10 minutes! I'm just getting started...and you're in for the long haul with me and my new friend!)

But he calmed down a little when I let him use it for one picture...please excuse the worked-all-day-and-too-tired-to care-hair and the glasses-I-never-wear-because-I'm-too-lazy-to-remove-my-contacts-everyday: EW!


The Constant Complainer said...

Jen, I am a first time visitor to your site. I saw your link and several comments you made on Jennifer's Hope Studios blog, so I decided to click-through. I love family-based blogs and am reading some of your previous posts as we speak. So I wanted to get my comments started.

Anonymous said...

i feel like me and jack are on a whole new level now that i have officially seen him naked...yet never actually met him in person. ahhh the magic of the internets.