Friday, June 12, 2009

Jack's (Our) Morning Routine

When we walked into daycare at promtly 6:30 (as usual), Jack teacher (from around the corner) said, "Is that Jack?"..."Are we that predictable!" I which she noted with a laugh, "If you weren't here we'd be worried!"...
I love schedules! Sticking to a schedule makes our life predictable, and thus easier on also makes for a happy Jack!
So this is our morning routine! After we're up and dressed, it's breakfast time! Jack is doing so well with using his spoon! (Notice how his left hand is clenched as he tried so hard to get the perfect scoop!)

And then uses said left hand to assist with the scoop!

After breakfast we make the 0.31 mile treck to daycare! (PS: we don't walk there!)

And Jack unlocks the door!

We get to his room and he quickly finds the nearest car-car!
And then moves the booster chairs to the ground to get the room ready for all his friends...
And then, with any luck, Jack doesn't cry and gives me a happy smile to brighten my day!

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