Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a trip to the mountain in shuzo

During our trip to Shuzo (which I know I still haven't written about the "Hairy Crab Festival"...coming), we had a team outing to what was referred to as a "mountain"...but in comparison to the Rockies, it wasn't much of a mountain in our terms. But after seeing the extreme urban, city-swelling conditions that my Chinese co-workers live in, I began to understand why this outdoor trip was such a treat for them.

We came upon an area with trees full of red ribbons. The ribbons has wishes and hopes ties to them.
I wrote Jack and Lila's names on a ribbon and tied it to the tree with my wish for health and happiness always...

So it was basically a large hilly park. It was very random in that there were various temples and seemingly historic places scattered among various (outdated) carnival-type games, shops, art, etc. And yes I did go in that water/hamster ball thingy. How often would I have that kind of China! So, I can say, I did it kids...I ate snails and went in that large, hot, blow-up cylinder of torture...

I did not, however, do on the un-crossable bridge of torture, which was really just in need of repairs that might not ever come. But as the sign says, "Beware of deep water" no attention to the bridge of nails.

Also, I couldn't stop obsessing over every kid I saw while in China...a sure sign that I missed my own way too much. Plus that little girl with the mini skirt and boots was killing me with cuteness!

 This day was quite a random adventure...only to be followed by one of the most unappetizing meals I've ever encountered in my life...luckily, I was able to survive on warm beer and peanuts, so it was basically like being down at Busch Stadium...just thousands of miles away...

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