Tuesday, November 22, 2011

just a few instagrams...

Yesterday at preschool, when asked what he was thankful for, Jack said rings…you know, like the ones you wear on your fingers?.?. While cleaning the basement, I had found a Cinderella ring with lip gloss inside…he won’t put it down, even in his sleep. Thank you, Jesus, for my ring. If only I could make Christmas as thriftily exciting as a found treasure like this one! Also, he's been complacent in allowing Lila to play beauty shop while he watches Ni Hao, Kai Lan!

Speaking of Christmas, I’m making this for J&L (found via Pinterest)…I’m so excited for it to come together! I scored some “oops” paint from Home Depot (which is eerily close to the color of Lila’s room), and am collecting bits and pieces as I go along: hinges and a magnetic clasp for the “oven”, an upside down “J” for the faucet, knobs and acrylic paints…somebody stop me.

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