Friday, November 11, 2011

The tallest point in Shanghai...

On Tuesday night of our trip, we went down to the tallest building in Shanghai: The World Financial Center. (According to this graphic, which is outdated, this is the 4th tallest building in the world, but could be lower than that now...also note this rendering: the building on the far right was under construction while we were there (note: construction was around the clock), and the two others pictured are where we occupied our evening.) For St. Louisans to compare: the arch is 630 feet The World Financial center is 1614.2 feet.

The Hyatt occupies the top floors of this building. We ate dinner on the 93rd floor. Unbelievable. All I can say. From the wine room to the food to the bathrooms (heated seats, automatic opening lids, I could go on, but for modesty sake, I will not)!  It was foggy that night, but our view was still spectacular.

After dinner, we went to the building next door, which is the second tallest building in Shanghai: the Jin Mao Tower, where we had drinks and enjoyed the entertainment of a magician at our table. (Note: our group sat down for drinks and a man in a mask was nonchalantly walking around the room. I waved and called him over, not understanding that it was an invitation to join us and perform magic for a good 45 minutes...he kept us on our toes!) This was the way to experience Shanghai...

However, I'm glad I had very different experiences to contrast this...eating (or at least observing) food I couldn't recognize, seeing how the majority of Shanghainese live...I saw both sides, which was important for me so I came out of the experience with the mostaccurate portrayal of the country I could.
(Apoligies for the mix/quality of iPhone pics...)

Hands down, the BEST carrots I've ever eaten...and I don't really care much for carrots. I don't know what they put in them, but I would have been happy eating nothing but those carrots! It became the running joke for the rest of the trip: sure Jen tried the snails, but how did they compare to those carrots! (Spoiler: carrots trumped snails! Also, iPhone pics make food look gross! Or maybe it was the photographer...or her lighting...BUT, my steak came with a halved, roasted garlic...def trying this at home next time we grill...which will prob be in like 6 months with the Winter fast approaching.



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