Wednesday, July 13, 2011

soon to be 1...

It’s cliché, and I hate clichés, but I cannot believe how fast this last year has gone. In a flash, in an instant, right before my eyes, my baby girl is on the verge of 1 year old…

She’s a crawling and standing machine who (unlike her brother) loves to splash in the bath, and drink the bath water. She blows kisses and hides behind her blanket for peek-a-boo, and always claps in excitement when she appears. She falls asleep snuggling her blankie and
wakes up happier than anyone I know, as she sits in her bed in the morning, talking to herself contently until we scoop her up.

She eats almost anything, but always shares bites. She’s transitioning to whole milk and away from bottles and 3 hour schedules and baby-ness.

She’s in love with her brother, and vise versa. I’m the most proud when he is so kind and gentle with her, and insistent that he hug and kiss her and even wrestle with her (softly!). Jack loves to play with her, and they’ve made a fun game of crawling around the kitchen island and laughing upon finding the other. I hope they never tire of playing together...although that's probably a hope made in vain.

Nothing in my life is more endearing than watching my kids play together and love one another.

Time has gotten away from me this past year, and I can’t wink and ask it nicely to rewind, or start over, or slow down. It won’t listen to me, and that's okay. Seeing as I have no control it's a "let go and let God..." situation.

So in lieu of mourning the rapidness of time, I will try to celebrate it all: the past year, the baby girl turning into a little lady, the little boy turning into a protective brother...the rainbow of happy moments we've had, and to come.

PS: Lila's first birthday is a rainbow celebration...I don't know what I ever did before Pinterest!

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Kim said...

Gosh, you literally have the cutest kids I've ever seen. And I love reading about those special little moments between them. Happy first birthday Lila!