Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bath time...together

For the past few nights I've let Lila play in the bathtub with Jack…I hold her and she just kicks her feet…she flails and splashes and accidentally kicks Jack in the pee-wee…luckily, her legs aren’t that strong yet!

Jack has so much fun when Lila comes to play with him, and I LOVE that he loves her so much...(even though he "accidentally" squirted her in the face with his water gun..."No Mommy, it was an accident." Luckily, Lila has a pretty easy-going disposition and just kicked him in the pee-wee again...JK.)

I yelled for Jim to run in with the camera, but my memory card was “stored” away (aka: in the bottom of my purse), so these cell phone pictures will have to do as the first ever pics of my little kiddos taking a bath together :)

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