Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jack plays soccer

Jack had his first instructional soccer session and loooved it! But I think even more than Jack loved playing and running, we all loved watching him. He has so much fun and I had to stop and tell myself to wipe the goofy, stage-mom smile off my face because I was just beaming with pride.

Jack had a slew of raving supporters there for him, cheering him on, reminding him that he's #1 in our books...

I'm so happy that Jack is old enough to finally be involved in sports. Jim and I both played sports growing up and ever since Jack was a baby we debated over which one of us would be his coach (I'm still holding out hope!).

My parents never missed a game. Between my and Carey's softball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, weekend-long tournaments and out of town trips, they were always there: cheering us on, "contesting" with the refs, coaching us... I finally realize how much fun it is to watch your children compete (albeit Jack's first soccer practice! Am I getting ahead of myself here?!). I'm so excited to be there as Jack (and someday Lila) learn to play sports, find their niche, and make friends along the way. I'll always be their #1 fan: cheering loudest and beaming with my goofy, stage-mom smile!

(And if sports turn out not to be their "thing", I will still be their proudest supporter in whatever they chose to do!)

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